Genius Investors is about you learning how to have ambition to create riches starting from the bottom investing in dividend stock assets that will generate money long-term to make you wealthy than you will use dividends to purchase other assets. Dividends stocks are the ones that will provide you with the easy cash so you can build an empire fortune over time and you will be able to live a great future life style. A genius is a person that will start from the bottom with an idea to create an empire fortune over time in this case with dividend stock.

How it works, investors don’t get rich by having a saving or checking account nor cd’s because it will never happen.  Investors become rich by purchasing assets long-term like real estate, commercial real estate and dividend stocks. Real estate and commercial real estate generate money by renting monthly and dividend stocks generate money monthly or every three months because this is how companies pay to shareholder owners. Than once brokers receive money from companies than brokers distribute profits to shareholders either to place cash on the account balance or reinvest it back into company to buy more shares at no additional cost this also depends with broker you use because some do charge. You can also receive money through check send to your house but you will have to contact broker. As you continue to buy more shares to earn more money your other shares in portfolio account are also continuing to work to make money. In other words both you and your shares are working together to make more money while your shares are making money that money earned is being reinvested to buy more shares to make more money. Than as time goes by you will see in your account that your shares in portfolio have grown to a high number as well the amount of cash that your shares are generating. Now many years have passed your shares have grown to thousands or millions generating a lot of cash you are now a rich person making a lot of money because of your shares. It’s time to go into the reinvestment page and indicate to broker not to reinvestment your dividends. When it’s time for company to pay dividends the broker will receive money and they will deposit cash in account cash balance located on top of where you have all your companies and shares showing. When you see the cash showing all you have to do is withdraw cash from your account to be transferred to your regular bank account but, you have to link accounts in order to transfer money. Than you can use money to purchase others assets such as real estate or commercial real estate to become even richer and your empire fortune continues to grow in assets and into a mega fortune.

Also, let say your cash balance has an amount of one million dollars than you decide to withdraw five hundred thousand and keep the rest in account. Money left will be earning interest while it sits there or you can reinvest it back into a company to buy more shares but you will have to pay an amount of four dollars if you purchase shares from just one company or if you want to purchase shares from other companies you have to pay four dollars on every company you purchase shares from. The only way you won’t pay is when you have your dividends being reinvested automatically back into company. Since you know how to get cash from dividends into your account balance now you can go back into reinvest dividends page and indicate to broker that you want to reinvest your dividends again and press save. This is how you get dividend cash into your balance account or reinvest dividends back to buy more shares. Regarding taking taxes off when you receive dividends don’t worry all the money is yours to keep but, when you do taxes you will pay taxes but much lower than when you work for an employer. You have to report all your investments and earnings to government. Your broker will inform you when your tax forms are available.

If you want to become rich as an investor the first thing you need to do is learn on how each class of people think to become successful. You can learn about it on poor and wealthy top menu. The second step is to get educated financially on how to manage your money and investing. The third step is to know if the company you want to invest at is financially good and what to look for before investing. The fourth step is to learn how the stock market works regarding prices so we can take advantage when prices fall. The fifth step is to continue to learn because there is a lot to learn from dividend stock and investing and start investing.

Many people in the world have become rich because of making a business, becoming famous as actors, models sports and having their own show on tv. But there are others that have become rich in another way that is investing in someone else business by purchasing stock. Some investors were poor and middle class but they decided to start investing early in their life by purchasing stock they became rich and super rich over time and now they own a lot of business in the world that they did not create but purchased them buying all the shares from company. As you can see look at what their knowledge, ambition, strategies, patience, discipline and time has done to this great genius investors in the world. So a lot of the famous and rich have grown their fortunes also investing in assets to produce them a lot more money becoming even richer. There are some kids and teenagers following the same steps saving money to invest and now they have grown their money in the thousands probably now in the millions. Video is provided so you can learn about what he has to say and his mom good advice. If all this people who are investing in the world are becoming so rich over time and now you know the secret to create riches starting from the bottom than it is up to you to start learning and investing.

Investing in dividend stocks is a great way to start creating riches. All you who are here have made the right decision to take the first step to learn and invest to become rich and successful in a way that it is easy to start. I have made it easy for everyone to learn by gathering valuable information on how to become rich like the super rich. Investing is a powerful tool but compounding is a hundred percent the most powerful tool in the world to make a lot of assets and money without having to work hard for it and become extremely powerful and successful in life. After reading about dividend stock and what they can do ideas came to my mind on how to make a mega fortune.

Investing money in the right corporations has a lot of power to accumulate riches more than if you work for any regular company or even Hollywood. Many people in the world that have become millionaires and billionaires are rich but not as rich as Mr. Carlos Slim and Mr. Warren Buffet because they have invested since they were young with no fear. Not only they invested their money in companies that they did not create they have bought a lot of those businesses that were not theirs over time using dividends from their investments besides earning a lot of interest. These men are genius investors as well others in the world that have done same thing investing but also in real estate, commercial real estate and are super rich. Mr. Warren Buffett owns DQ, GEICO Insurance and many more and the same thing with Mr. Carlos Slim. These great investors started at an early age and over time created a mega fortune using their intelligence.

There are two ways to become rich in the stock market either as a speculator or as investors long term. Genius Investors has nothing to do with speculation but instead investing long-term. Investing in dividend stock has a huge advantage which is generating income every three month’s, year after year generation after generation because investor still holds shares as owner. With speculation once you sell the stock that is it no more money. As you can see this asset will support you and family all your life and for generations. The best thing to do is get educated financially because it is real important to invest. It is good to protect yourself, family and needs incase of emergencies because we never know what will happen. We all know what happened in the past and how hard it was because a lot of people lost their jobs and still hard today. Also, it is best for you to learn on how to manage your money and investments that way you have the knowledge on how it works and withdraw money when you need too. A good thing to do is to be debt free and financially good for a better future.

To become successful and powerful in life is about taking risks and learning from mistakes and never giving up to what we want to achieve in our life. It is better to buy property with our money and let it work for us to make us a lot of money than having to work so hard for someone else constantly for a low paycheck. If you work, work but in your own business making more money. That is why it is best to invest and be patient and learn how to make money over time using strategies to make you more riches. It’s like planting a seed the plant will not grow the next day but it will in a couple of weeks or month’s than we have to wait until it produces food to pick it up. The same is with investing as I have explained.

In order for anyone to succeed and have power we have to take risks to succeed. Fear stops a lot of people from not doing what they want but instead people think of what if I fail and lose before even trying. The truth is so what if you fail try over until you succeed. Many people in the world are successful because the failed once but they tried over and over that is why they are so rich, successful and powerful. Successful people become rich by finding opportunities and like taking risks failure is not an obstacle to us. If we fail we get up and continue until we succeed. Many people in the world who were born rich is because their ancestors took risks in doing business and left their families rich. Those that were not born rich but became rich they also took risks doing business. The fact is that everyone who wants to be rich and successful need to take risks to if no risk no success is that simple even in investing. Remember many people can become real successful when they start and no failure but, sometimes they also go through failure see their mistake but still rise up to continue to do better. Other people start and fail but they get up to continue until they succeed and learn from mistakes to be better. The most important thing is to be positive and think positive so everything we desire can come to our life.

If it sounds to good to be true well try it because it is true about dividend stocks generating money. The more shares you own more cash will be in your pocket. You can own any kind of real estate or commercial real estate which are assets too but, when an investor buys dividend stock money comes in the pocket easier because companies are making and selling the products to make a profit which then investors get a profit for ever share owned. Also, when you have a lot of cash coming in to account from investments you can use cash to buy other assets such as real estate or commercial real estate. You see not only you will you be owning corporations from investing in their stock, but also real estate, commercial real estate or other property using dividends and creating an empire fortune. You can also purchase luxury yachts, your own private jet or airplane this what genius investors is about. Just remember dividend stocks pay cash the more shares you own from a company more cash.

The way two people think and act when working for an employer and what each person does to become rich saving to invest or poor spending all the money and saving nothing to invest to become rich.

I will give an example: Two poor men are working and get a pay check every week both have families to support and needs to pay. One of them every week decides to save ten dollars for investments and the other one decides to spend all his money. Than the men that decided to save his money for investments every week has invested his money and making more from it. The other men never saved to invest his money because he spend it all. All the sudden the men that invested his money becomes rich and leaves job and continues to get richer but, the other men stays poor and continues to be poor still works hard for company. Question is who’s fault is it that one of them stayed poor? This is a matter of who wanted to succeed and who wanted to stay behind not successful. This was not a matter of luck it is a matter of being wise managing money. It is up to us to become who we want to become in life. If we want to be successful, powerful and rich than is all in our hands to accomplish anything we desire to have by taking risks and making smart investments. Remember it’s better to earn money in a smart way than the hard way.

I’m an investor with experience and knowledge in this field. Mr. Warren Buffett and Mr. Kiyosaki have also thought me a lot through their books and they are great teachers and mentors. I have also learned from books of Mr. Graham a great investor back in his days may he now rest in peace. Mr. John D. Rockefeller also a great businessman and multibillionaire in the oil industry is my favorite industry to invest at. May he rest in peace.

If you want to live in a great financial wealthy life style invest. If others in the world can do it why can you. It’s all a matter of learning and get educated and buy assets that generate income such as dividend stocks to get started and money comes your way but you have to continue to invest. One thing I can tell you is that one stock will not make you rich but it will prove to you that that one stock will generate you income this is a fact. So if this one dividend stock paid you cents for owning it than it means that the rest of that same stock will pay you money and that you have to buy stock in a bundle to make you more money. If you are going to buy dividend stock make sure you buy at low prices or when prices fall. For instance if you buy ten thousand dollars worth of stock make sure stock is cheap to buy as much stock as possible. Like I said the more stock you own more money you will earn. The stock market is hard and complicated because of the prices going up and down constantly. But the best thing to do is to buy during a bear market when prices have fallen because something went bad in the world and made prices collapse in the stock market.

Regarding money always make sure to get more from it. The best thing to do with money when buying stock is to save plenty of it than invest it which means purchase the property. As you can see when you have a lot of property that is owned by you or assets this makes us more money. This is what makes wealthy people get wealthier buying assets equals to property that makes us money. The money we invest works for us making us more money as long as we want for a long term. So what do we have to do is invest, invest, invest to generate income. If we don’t buy assets no money will be generated plain simple.

We all know that in this world we are surrounded by finance, money, business, properties, stock market, investing as well the internet and books. But what exactly makes a lot of us to earn a lot of money? The answer is purchasing property that will generate income and reinvest it to make a lot more until we create an empire.

If you need assistance or have any questions feel free to contact me using contact form I will be glad to assist you. I also offer my service to you.
By Eddie Cantu