Genius Investors was founded by Eddie Cantu to teach you about financial education and investing to become wealthy over the years for a better future and to live a great life style. Investing to become rich is not going to happen through savings, checking, certificate of deposit or money market this accounts will never get a person to be rich. Genius Investors will teach you everything you need to know about how to become successful investing and where but, the first most important thing to learn before you begin is to learn how people that want to be successful think than they take action with no fear. Learning this first step is very important because it will change the way we think to be successful. To be a successful investor we have to learn from successful people that are investors and how they started so we can get the knowledge on how it works than take action.

One great way to become wealthy is investing where the rich invest which is their secret.  Not all the rich were born rich some became rich investing because they were taught by their dad on how to create riches and at the same time they became business owners. Three people in the world that I have read about that were poor they have turned over the years mega-billionaires investing over their life time. Investors who have the knowledge in investing will make smart investments in a safe way and long-term. If we want to be successful we have to take risks. If we don’t take risks we will never succeed in life. People who want to be successful take risks and if we fall we get up and continue to move forward to succeed. Failure is not bad is an experience to do things better which is a good thing to be successful. The best thing is to never give up but have faith and believe in your self to become a super wealthy investor.

Genius Investors will show you how to invest at low risk and safe no matter conditions of the market. Remember this is not a quick get rich thing but it can be depending on your investment ideas and strategies. It is also about investing long-term to create riches for a better future and great life style. You can also invest to help you and family when you have emergency needs because we never know. Investing is real important in our lives to protect ourselves and family financially. The best decision you can make is to learn how it works and start investing. Only you will manage your own account, money and investments you will be in charge the whole time through computer or phone that simple. You do not need to be in the computer or phone all day long because there is no need but, you can to learn about companies and how the program works and other things you need to learn. The decision is yours to make regarding getting educated and starting.

I Eddie Cantu Cantu since I was a kid I liked to earn money and save. When I was a teenager I open a bank account deposit what I had saved to earn interest. While at bank waiting to open an account I was told by someone not to put my money in the stock market because I could lose all of it. I had a reaction of fear and for many years I stayed away from the stock market. Than I moved to GA and I continued to work opened a bank account to deposit money and earn interest but in one year the interest earned was real low. The following years still the same and my money never grew. I decided to go for better paid interest accounts but none worked. I decide to close accounts but, kept one.

I then decided to search for information on how to invest my money in another way to make it grow over the years and that I would enjoy and like. I remember that as a kid my interest was investing in other peoples companies specially brand names that are world wide known but I had no idea how to do that. After many days of search and still could not find the answer I was looking for. On a trip vacation to Florida I went to store and came across a great book that grabbed my attention immediately because of image and title and I purchased it. This book written about this persons life and how he went from poor to super wealthy over the years buying companies business and how he done it. Book content answered question I had as a kid that it was possible to own someone else business and how, besides all the great advice he gives as a business investor.

When I returned from trip and back to GA went to store and came across another great finance book. The book explained person life and how he achieved going from poor to rich using financial terms. After reading book and seeing what I had done wrong financially I corrected immediately. When I started to invest I had to look for companies that would protect my money no matter condition of the market to lower the risk and be safe. The great thing is that I did not need to have thousands of dollars to start investing. I started from the bottom with money I had saved and continued from their. I even open an account with zero dollars for the moment until I decided to transfer money into account. A lot of bank brokers require a lot of money to open an account to start investing but the broker I use does not which is a great thing and reason why I chose them.

I love and enjoy investing as well teaching others how to invest to become business owners and wealthy. I have found the way to invest at low risk and playing it safe like these three mega-billionaires.  Want to know the formula on how to become wealthy so you can start investing join VIP Insiders members and get the exclusive information and learn from experts.